The Google Form – A Reflection

Of all the things that Covid-19 has robbed us of, strange silver linings or sometimes silver “learnings” are so abundant. Time is still a bit meaningless yet, but last Spring, at some point, a book love co-laborer and mentor tweeted out about an opportunity to meet up on zoom for teacher support. Why did I click that link?

I was fully unmoored. Twelve of my twenty-four students were regularly engaging in learning; I was texting parents at all hours to try to do something that justified my work. Someone around that time said it was “much less like working from home, and much more like living at work.” I was exhausted and confused but still determined. The whole dang season was what I now look back on as “the great letting go.” I’ll save that for the memoir.

So I saw the tweet. I clicked the link. I checked the calendar (why?). I signed up. Thank God I did. I met some amazing and generous co-conspirators in the great effort of transforming children’s lives through literacy. These colleagues became friends.

To the 12 previous readers of my blog: I started this blog with the purpose of twice monthly sharing thoughts on teaching and education. A very minor result of the pandemic was the derailing of my nascent blog writing. For the next few weeks, my blog is being taken over by my Slice of Life writings; we’ll just see where things go from there.

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  1. Silver learnings-I think if anything COVID has shown us how to appreciate small nuggets of learning and deeper moments of reflecting on the how and why of what we are doing. It has given us opportunities to slow down and be grateful for what we can do to reimagine those silver learnings to improve students’ lives. Reflection is good and so is meeting you, Tim.

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  2. I agree with this post, that silver lining of feeling more confident about saying I NEED SUPPORT in a profession that often feels isolating. I’ve learned that I need to focus just a bit more on my personal growth, knowing it will just make my professional work that much stronger. I’m glad you are continuing to receive support from this circle of co-conspirators!

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  3. I had to read this twice and what amazed me is the richness of this writing; it’s short, but full of space for the reader to build their understanding. And, from one teacher to another whose boundaries of home and work (both physical and psychological) have merged onto one amorphous mass of sleepwalking wakefulness, I see you!

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