Finally Found Someone

I’d been alone in the crowd for as long as my memory stretched. I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. Mostly, I was just waiting to be found (by someone).

Fluorescent lights filled my days these days. Cash registers beeped in the distance. I just wanted someone to take me home to meet their mother. Was this so wrong? Don’t we all want that connection (with someone)?

I met some remarkable people! The connection was there. It seemed like a spark when we were in the crowd, but once we were alone, I wilted. It seemed like I couldn’t compare. I was resigned. It didn’t work out (with anyone).

“Are my standards too high?” I asked Pete, my manager.

“Could be,” Pete replied, “Could be. But who’s to say? You’ve got a lot going for you!”

I lowered my standards. I made myself available, looking my best. A suitor came along.

We considered one another. I wasn’t sure about this, but I was willing to take a chance. So was my suitor. We went home together and have been together ever since.

I’m glad to not be alone. And he’s a good and fair companion. The time we do have together is great, but I have to admit, we don’t go out as much as I thought we would. Sometimes I feel like a pair of pants, half forgotten in a drawer.

But I’m not. I’m worth something. Our time together may be short, but we make the most of it. I’m not forgotten.

I’m a pair of blue pants (not navy) and I am loved and valued.

——- This post is part of Slice of Life 21. Confused? See yesterday’s post.

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  1. They’re navy to me (and I did have to go back and read yesterday’s post) and a nice navy at that. I am not at all fashion-conscious, but in this day of masks I am struggling because I want some solid colored mask (not necessarily neutral, I prefer purple), but most I find are fancified and stripes, polka dots, unicorns, whatever make me think my clothing needs to be more neutral.


  2. You got me. I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading until I knew who this was. Thanks for the chuckle. And the photo to go along with the story. Yes now I see they are not navy.


  3. Well, I found what I was looking for in your second sentence. I couldn’t decide on my background noise for today, until I read, “I couldn’t find what I was looking for.” Of course, It’s U2.

    Sorry, back to your post. This resonated with me because all of your words felt like 90% fo peoples searches for love. I’m sure that was partially the intention.

    Looks like you have this all ironed out, have a wonderful rest of your day!

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  4. AH-!! I started thinking maybe you were looking for a dog… well-done! Never ever thought about any of my clothing telling a story but now that you’ve flung that hidden door wide open… I may have to follow the thread (pun totally intended). Great narrative structure here.

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  5. I missed your post yesterday so I read this one cold. I was thinking a dog? I was a bit stumped. Maaaaaybe this was you before meeting your wife??? Hahahaha, blue pants! I went back and read yesterday’s. Very clever. I love having fun with writing, thanks for the romp!


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