What is a Sunday?

Sundays have changed through my life; This Sunday I look back on what Sundays have been.

What is a Sunday?

A day to drag my feet and slow time down; 
Late breakfasts and news on TV
Take long enough and
Maybe feign sick or convince Mom to watch a movie
Maybe stay home

A day to write a paper
Or lounge with kindred spirits away from 
All of it

What is a Sunday?

It’s…time for work…
Park in the back; key in the lock
Flip the switch; power on things
Sing & teach & meet & greet
Lead & coordinate & smile
Smile, regardless

A volunteer day
Cajole the kids day
Find good cheer day
Family meal day

What is a Sunday?

Walk the dog
Open the laptop, the document, the planbook
Record the video, email the parent, grade the assignment
Walk the dog

Thanks to twowritingteachers.org ! I’ve almost made it 30 days, writing every day.

11 thoughts on “What is a Sunday?

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  1. I love this. What is a Sunday? is a great question for my journal. Did you write the poem as you went or did you make a big list and then put the poem together? I am always interested in other people’s processes.


    1. Thanks Tammy. I almost always write and edit as I go, especially if I’m typing (which I was). I just started with the question, thought for a minute and wrote. Revision and editing happen in process for me as well, then I give it a final look; adjustments; and publish. Might take minutes, hours, days, or weeks depending.
      I really appreciate you asking the question!

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  2. I too I love the question. And love how you captured the changes through the years. I wonder what the next phase of Sundays will bring? I may have to steal – I mean borrow – this format, with your permission of course!


  3. Sundays are odd. I was thinking this thought this morning. I like how you list out all the things Sunday can represent. I guess when your role in most people’s lives is to end their weekend yet kickstart their week you will find yourself a crossroads, and a busy one at that!


  4. Erika Victor wrote a letter to Sunday this morning. You might like it. Tim, I admire all the different styles and approaches you’ve used throughout the month! Can you believe it’s almost over?


    1. Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot. The month has flown by…what a treat to take part.
      I saw Erika’s post after I submitted mine! Loved the approach of a letter.


  5. What is a Sunday? My verse would have the sound of tick, tick, tick Sunday evenings (Sixty Minutes) – reminding me I had homework to do as I was transitioning back to reality. I waited as long as I could to face the music of my to-do list, always preferring to play and have fun. So glad you joined this year – it has been fun reading your slices!


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