Greater Than or Less Than [>,<,=]

Last Thursday I was at a conference with amazing friends, old and new.  We were sharing, celebrating, commiserating and learning together.  This Thursday, I will oversee a 75 minute language arts test on behalf of the state.

Last Thursday > This Thursday


Last Thursday I woke up and headed to a 75 minute Starbucks line.  Overwhelmed, I googled coffee shop near me and headed out for a walk.  Google directions took me 2 blocks the wrong direction.  It was 30 degrees and windy. Today I’ll drink my own coffee and walk my dog through the neighborhood on a lovely spring morning.


This Thursday > Last Thursday

Perspective is a tricky thing.  Even on a state testing day, I’ll spend it with some incredible and hard-working students that I adore.  They will ask with excitement if we’ll have time to continue our readers theater rehearsals later today (we will). 

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  1. I am jealous that you got to go to a conference! That’s wonderful. You are so right about perspective – both in teaching and getting things like coffee. Those testing days are just awful. Our testing day was last week on Tuesday. I was so exhausted by the end of the day and I wasn’t even the one taking the test!

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