I never πŸ€” thought

I never thought…

I’d buy a brand new car

I’d have four sons

I’d officiate family funerals

I’d be teaching third grade

I’d live where I’d live

I’d write on my phone

We never think of some things until …what surprises are part of your life?

-twowritingteachers.org…slice of life…check it out.–

10 thoughts on “I never πŸ€” thought

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  1. Ooh, I like this introspective, insightful post! Hmm…I never thought I’d be married, be a mom, have a preemie, work in the NICU, be an ARD facilitator…I could keep going, too!

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  2. This is cool!
    I never thought I would live in Australia and India (I’m from England), have five children including twins, become a teacher in my 40s, start and run a primary school for very poor kids, when I was nearly 60, built by my husband.


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