Race to the Past

It had been years since I’d visited.  Too long really.  But like so many things, I just lost track of time.  Schedules and other practicalities kept me away.  But here I was.  The windows to the shops looked just the same, only somehow brighter and cleaner.  On the east side, the fountain and its effervescent... Continue Reading →

Classroom Libraries: Part 2 ; Routines

8:14 am It’s a Monday.  The 9 year old students roll into my classroom groggy and excited.  They have breakfast and we connect.   Ok students! I raise my voice as breakfast and our morning meeting has wound down. Let’s start the week with reading.  Find a comfortable spot with your book box! After 5, or... Continue Reading →


Holding hands near a lockerLaughter and rustling Bowing heads at a tableSolemn elder voice cuts through Hands clasped on an airplaneEngines roar, cart clanks Filing into a new roomVoice says "welcome!" Waiting in line, humid heat, turnstiles and railingBoards rattle, gravity excites, voices shriek Eyes open, files open, "The host will let you in soon"Faces... Continue Reading →

That Time I Met Tony Kornheiser

That Time I Met Tony Kornheiser I've referred to different albums and genres of music as "the soundtrack of" suchandsuch season of life.  But here's the truth: On a car radio while taking money to the bank in suburban Washington D.C. On a slow Windows PC. On a work issued laptop and 3 generations of... Continue Reading →

Rules for the Exception

Rules for the exception A lifetime ago, I worked at a Starbucks outside of the city of Alpharetta, Georgia.  We had this customer, real smooth type.  He’d pull in in his sports car out front, leave his wife in the car and come in for their coffee.  His order: Iced Venti Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte, no... Continue Reading →

I never 🤔 thought

I never thought... I'd buy a brand new car I'd have four sons I'd officiate family funerals I'd be teaching third grade I'd live where I'd live I'd write on my phone We never think of some things until ...what surprises are part of your life? -twowritingteachers.org...slice of life...check it out.--

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