Greater Than or Less Than [>,<,=]

Last Thursday I was at a conference with amazing friends, old and new.  We were sharing, celebrating, commiserating and learning together.  This Thursday, I will oversee a 75 minute language arts test on behalf of the state. Last Thursday > This Thursday But…. Last Thursday I woke up and headed to a 75 minute Starbucks... Continue Reading →

Grabbing a Bite to Eat

Last summer we had the big western vacation.  After an intentionally slow start, we headed to the (very busy) west entrance to Yellowstone.  We were just 5 miles from the entrance when traffic stopped and crawled. No worries.  It's all good.     After over an hour, we were getting closer.  All good, no worries! I see... Continue Reading →

Changing the Picture

I was a weird teenager.  In addition to hanging out with friends, avoiding homework, and performing in school plays, I loved reading about current events and especially enjoyed editorial essays. I first read George Will in Newsweek, and his syndicated newspaper columns followed me as I lived in D.C., Atlanta, and Syracuse as well as... Continue Reading →

The Practice of Writing

To look at things a certain wayToday has been successThe notebook now has 3 ideasAnother time to press First, couldn’t find the picture, rightThen could not find my voiceAnother piece forgot in sleepI’ll have to make a choice I said I’d publish every dayI’m not quite there half-way Will I make it? I can’t sayI just... Continue Reading →

A Sudden Change of Plans

Last summer, my family took a monster 2 week vacation. My wife Melissa and I and our two youngest kids hopped in the minivan and headed west to visit the Rocky Mountains, Moab, and Yellowstone.   The night before our departure, we were getting all of our reservation information in one place.  Our Yellowstone information was... Continue Reading →

A conference in six words

Today's post is a reflection on two days spent at the Illinois Reading Council Conference, where I heard from people like Brian Selznick, Donalyn Miller, Pernille Rippes, Raul the Third and more. A six word reflection : Basking in a Waterfall of Brilliance --hat tip to and the 31 day slice of life writing... Continue Reading →

A Whole Day at a Conference

I wondered if my stamina would hold out. I registered for this conference in 2020. Today...actually, yesterday, I finally attended. A full day conference. More to come tomorrow. For now, the day is done. I'm left feeling: Encouraged, inspired, hopeful My brain is busy with ideas and innovations Dreams are awakened. My teaching soul is... Continue Reading →

Getting Older

That was video I meant to take a picture I'm getting older --slice of life 31 day writing challenge sponsored by

Classroom Experimenting

Changes in schools caused a lot of us to get inventive in the last couple of years.  As we headed back in the fall, I was excited to continue trying new things!  I’ve loved the literacy block in my 3rd grade classroom.  So for a blended, self-paced, classroom experience I decided to start with…math.   Everything... Continue Reading →

Building Stamina

“Let’s go to the Lume exhibit in Indy,” my wife offered.  She knew I’d been feeling stir crazy.  I was feeling the weight of two years of changes.  I felt like we needed to do something.  I was thrilled! Indianapolis is a couple hours away from where we live.  I was driving there.  My normal... Continue Reading →

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