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Empathy and Classroom Community

“I’m just…over it.” I feel like I’ve heard and uttered this phrase more in the last 18 months than perhaps all the time before. No matter your persuasion when it comes to the events at hand, as an educator and a human there’s been plenty of things to be “over.” This is an opportunity. Remember […]

Time Well Spent

Every May, time accelerates. My classroom tasks and structures wrap up and I think: Where did the time go?  At that point in the school year, I look back on lessons we didn’t get to, units we abbreviated for good reason, and other unfinished business.  I wonder what happened.  And yet. August comes. I find myself […]

Test time: Why are we doing this?

I’m looking over my daily plans and outlining where our next steps should be today.  And I remember.  We can’t continue our 4th quarter review of writing conventions during that block.  We have to take the practice state test. Ask a third grader what they think about conventions of writing and you won’t get an […]

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