Leaving is Easy

“Get out! We don’t do that in this room!”   Sadly, you can imagine these words in any classroom in America.   It’s a trope and real life all at once; the adult who checks out when things get tough.  The absent father, sure. Other times the absent mother.  Estranged brothers or awkward aunts and uncles abound. ... Continue Reading →

Stating a Mission

I sometimes think mission statements are just an excuse to mash all the nice words together. Bromides. Platitudes. Other times I think they are so general as to be meaningless. When I was asked again to consider mission statements and drafted this, it did seem to fit my life. I'm trying it on. What do... Continue Reading →

The Weekend

Laughter with old friends Year of restrictions Glimpses of the other side and glimpses of the past Reminiscing, pizza, kids that are now taller, finding joy in their childhood games These tweens go way back and that. is. special. These adults have been through highs and lows. also. special. It occurs to me that some... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Blue Pants

I bought a pair of blue pants (not navy). They were on sale at the Gap. I've had them for a bit. I think they are stylish (or were) and I do not mind drawing attention to myself. But they are blue (not navy). So the thing about blue pants (not navy) is that, so... Continue Reading →

Worst. Interview. Ever.

I had been student teaching for 2 weeks. I was called for an interview. This one. I wanted this one. I had substitute taught in the district and just loved the kids there! It had proximity to my home! I have a knack for bundling my bungled conversations. What I mean is, in public facing... Continue Reading →

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