I never 🤔 thought

I never thought... I'd buy a brand new car I'd have four sons I'd officiate family funerals I'd be teaching third grade I'd live where I'd live I'd write on my phone We never think of some things until ...what surprises are part of your life? -twowritingteachers.org...slice of life...check it out.--

Day 22, reflection

Sometimes I'm excited but I wonder When it's day twenty-two of this That feeling of "oh, I can't" Is this what my students feel the day they drag their feet? I understand, I understand. I understand. --thanks to twowritingteachers.org and the slice of life challenge--

A conference in six words

Today's post is a reflection on two days spent at the Illinois Reading Council Conference, where I heard from people like Brian Selznick, Donalyn Miller, Pernille Rippes, Raul the Third and more. A six word reflection : Basking in a Waterfall of Brilliance --hat tip to twowritingteachers.org and the 31 day slice of life writing... Continue Reading →

Getting Older

That was video I meant to take a picture I'm getting older --slice of life 31 day writing challenge sponsored by twowritingteachers.org--

Slice of Writing [Process]

I think I can now say that writing is a hobby of mine.  It feels strange to say it, because my other hobbies, fitness & music, seem much more hobbyish.  Writing is everywhere - in the well constructed missive posted to social media, in the communication to a colleague, in the choice of which emoji... Continue Reading →

Success Stories

You know that scene in a movie where the character is looking out over the ocean and a friend comes and stands next to them and they both look forward? That's what happens with this amazing young man in my third grade classroom. He saddles up beside me. He puts a hand on my shoulder... Continue Reading →

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