Classroom Libraries: Part 2 ; Routines

8:14 am It’s a Monday.  The 9 year old students roll into my classroom groggy and excited.  They have breakfast and we connect.   Ok students! I raise my voice as breakfast and our morning meeting has wound down. Let’s start the week with reading.  Find a comfortable spot with your book box! After 5, or... Continue Reading →

Building Stamina

“Let’s go to the Lume exhibit in Indy,” my wife offered.  She knew I’d been feeling stir crazy.  I was feeling the weight of two years of changes.  I felt like we needed to do something.  I was thrilled! Indianapolis is a couple hours away from where we live.  I was driving there.  My normal... Continue Reading →

Success Stories

You know that scene in a movie where the character is looking out over the ocean and a friend comes and stands next to them and they both look forward? That's what happens with this amazing young man in my third grade classroom. He saddles up beside me. He puts a hand on my shoulder... Continue Reading →

On Losing and Finding Your Voice

In February of my first year teaching 3rd grade, I lost my voice.  I literally lost it.  I muddled through a couple of days with my hoarse whisper, but it was a challenge.  Worse yet, my muddling through just made my laryngitis worse.  Ultimately, my voice could make no words, it just sounded like I... Continue Reading →

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