Holding hands near a lockerLaughter and rustling Bowing heads at a tableSolemn elder voice cuts through Hands clasped on an airplaneEngines roar, cart clanks Filing into a new roomVoice says "welcome!" Waiting in line, humid heat, turnstiles and railingBoards rattle, gravity excites, voices shriek Eyes open, files open, "The host will let you in soon"Faces... Continue Reading →

That Time I Met Tony Kornheiser

That Time I Met Tony Kornheiser I've referred to different albums and genres of music as "the soundtrack of" suchandsuch season of life.  But here's the truth: On a car radio while taking money to the bank in suburban Washington D.C. On a slow Windows PC. On a work issued laptop and 3 generations of... Continue Reading →

Rules for the Exception

Rules for the exception A lifetime ago, I worked at a Starbucks outside of the city of Alpharetta, Georgia.  We had this customer, real smooth type.  He’d pull in in his sports car out front, leave his wife in the car and come in for their coffee.  His order: Iced Venti Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte, no... Continue Reading →

That time someone stole our flag

We moved in the middle of the pandemic.  We started renovating the house.  My wife’s mother moved in with us.  Remote learning was an off/on again unknown in our two-teacher household.  It was strange.  It was stressful.   The day my wife hung a Black Lives Matter flag, our neighbors across the street looked on.  I... Continue Reading →

3 Word Stories: Where do you find joy?

In her arms. On a hike. Versatile musical tastes: Brubeck, DeLong, Assad Learning new things Laughing with friends Brainstorming with colleagues Walking the dog Playing a game --Thanks to for the 31 day Slice of Life writing challenge!-- Thanks to my writers notebook and previous entries in it for today's inspiration. All my writing... Continue Reading →

Moments of Joy in the Classroom

I teach third grade.  A question I ask from time to time is this: Have we experienced joyful learning this week?¹ That was the question that sparked a 5 minute wildfire of joy in my classroom this week.   Picture it:   45 minutes left in the day.  Students doing independent work, scattered across the room... Continue Reading →

Times Gone By

They say it’s the little things and I think that’s true.  Fumbling for the light switch on my way into the kitchen.  This is our time.  Us time. “Habits are a firm foundation for relationships.”  –Ryan Craker I think that’s true.  I’ve seen it in these moments, small moments.  They build and build and the... Continue Reading →

Day 22, reflection

Sometimes I'm excited but I wonder When it's day twenty-two of this That feeling of "oh, I can't" Is this what my students feel the day they drag their feet? I understand, I understand. I understand. --thanks to and the slice of life challenge--

List Day: Five Favorite Podcasts

Today I thought I’d share a list of favorite podcasts.  This prompted me to think; what are the most common characteristics of podcasts I enjoy?  Multiple hosts: Podcasts with a conversational flow and banter. Humor: They aren’t all “comedy” podcasts, but funny moments are appreciated. Timely: I have always enjoyed keeping up on current events.... Continue Reading →

Marie Kondo-ing the Social Internet

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about ways I’d leave the social internet.  This remains a distinct possibility. As a radical stopgap measure, I decided to Marie Kondo my newsfeed.  In case you are somehow unaware of this 2019 phenomenon…actually, I’ll spare you the mansplaination. As I’ve asked “does it bring me joy?” I’ve... Continue Reading →

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