Holding hands near a locker
Laughter and rustling

Bowing heads at a table
Solemn elder voice cuts through

Hands clasped on an airplane
Engines roar, cart clanks

Filing into a new room
Voice says “welcome!”

Waiting in line, humid heat, turnstiles and railing
Boards rattle, gravity excites, voices shriek

Eyes open, files open, “The host will let you in soon”
Faces populate, voices modulate, toggle, type, talk

I open the file to draft a post
Click, I hit the publish button
 I copy the link into the comments…
I am not at a solemn table or anticipatory line. 
But there is solemnity and sometimes butterflies. 

I have said something.  I am sharing it. 

And there is power in togetherness.

–This is the final day of the Slice of Life 31 day writing challenge. Success. Thanks to–

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