Classroom Libraries: Part 2 ; Routines

8:14 am It’s a Monday.  The 9 year old students roll into my classroom groggy and excited.  They have breakfast and we connect.   Ok students! I raise my voice as breakfast and our morning meeting has wound down. Let’s start the week with reading.  Find a comfortable spot with your book box! After 5, or... Continue Reading →

I never 🤔 thought

I never thought... I'd buy a brand new car I'd have four sons I'd officiate family funerals I'd be teaching third grade I'd live where I'd live I'd write on my phone We never think of some things until ...what surprises are part of your life? of life...check it out.--

A Whole Day at a Conference

I wondered if my stamina would hold out. I registered for this conference in 2020. Today...actually, yesterday, I finally attended. A full day conference. More to come tomorrow. For now, the day is done. I'm left feeling: Encouraged, inspired, hopeful My brain is busy with ideas and innovations Dreams are awakened. My teaching soul is... Continue Reading →

Classroom Experimenting

Changes in schools caused a lot of us to get inventive in the last couple of years.  As we headed back in the fall, I was excited to continue trying new things!  I’ve loved the literacy block in my 3rd grade classroom.  So for a blended, self-paced, classroom experience I decided to start with…math.   Everything... Continue Reading →

Empathy and Classroom Community

"I'm just...over it." I feel like I've heard and uttered this phrase more in the last 18 months than perhaps all the time before. No matter your persuasion when it comes to the events at hand, as an educator and a human there's been plenty of things to be "over." This is an opportunity. Remember... Continue Reading →

Time Well Spent

Every May, time accelerates. My classroom tasks and structures wrap up and I think: Where did the time go?  At that point in the school year, I look back on lessons we didn’t get to, units we abbreviated for good reason, and other unfinished business.  I wonder what happened. And yet. August comes. I find myself looking... Continue Reading →

Test time: Why are we doing this?

I’m looking over my daily plans and outlining where our next steps should be today.  And I remember.  We can’t continue our 4th quarter review of writing conventions during that block.  We have to take the practice state test. Ask a third grader what they think about conventions of writing and you won’t get an... Continue Reading →


"Just how far down the rabbit hole are you going, Tim?" The question rings in my ears. It is my internal monologue. What rabbit hole is that? The rabbit hole in question is seasonal easter candy. The answer is: All. The. Way. Down. Jelly Beans. Yes. Starburst Jelly Beans, Nerds Jelly Beans, Trolly speckled Jelly... Continue Reading →

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