You just made my day!

"Wow. They are lucky to have you." "Look at that! I knew you could do it!" "You worked so hard on that." "You'll be great at that!" "I made this for you." "I was thinking about you, so..." "I was just thinking I should call you!" "I saved you a seat!" "I decided to wait... Continue Reading →

What is a Sunday?

Sundays have changed through my life; This Sunday I look back on what Sundays have been. What is a Sunday? A day to drag my feet and slow time down; Late breakfasts and news on TVTake long enough andMaybe feign sick or convince Mom to watch a movieMaybe stay home A day to write a paperOr... Continue Reading →

A lifetime in 4 years

“I have lived a lifetime in the last 4 years.” These are words I didn’t think I’d be thinking or saying again in my 40’s.  Life is funny like that.   Four years ago I was fresh into a career transition.  I had left my last job, a labor of love that cost me a small... Continue Reading →

What to watch when you can’t sleep

Inspired by Betsy's TV post yesterday, I made a list. Sometimes, it's time and I'm not "sleepy." Here are my favorite TV shows to watch if I want to fall asleep.   4.  The West Wing  This would work better without the soundtrack.  But with closed captions on, it’s a great way to read yourself to... Continue Reading →

Wednesday in a sentence

I was inspired by another slicer, Kevin, here's my attempt at summing up a day in a sentence. The bliss of 20 students reading on the lawn and writing with fervor was only slightly dampened by the 2 hours I spent fixing a 10 minute video; also, there was a small amount of vomit. --Thanks... Continue Reading →

Paradigms in the Classroom

--This months posts are part of the slice of life challenge from A power struggle; the student refuses to complete any of today’s writing work.  I worry.  This will set him behind on our project.  He has options but he’s just refusing these choices.  The student is distracted by...books.  And I think:  It could... Continue Reading →

My Math Classroom (Flipped, In Person)

I stood up front Pen in hand, document camera shining bright Essential question, 3 kids talk First this way, then that way Numbers moving, Problems solving Any questions? Students trying, one child finished, students waiting Forty minutes, only half of them done 8 students lost; let’s try that again I’m tired; their tired; we’re tired... Continue Reading →

Nonsense narrative

The year was 1747 and K. Roger Ski had just finished building the world’s first water powered rat.  His other ideas hadn’t taken off, on account of no one taking him seriously.  No one took him seriously because who would think the foremost clogger in the River District could be a serious inventor. K. Roger... Continue Reading →

My March Madness

Age: 0 - 10 (in 10 words or less) Mom chose teams and really wants to win! Dad too! Age 11 - 20 (in 20 words or less) Sitting on the footstool clenching a pillow.  It’s over. I’m sad….wait.  "Laettner catches the pass, turns, shoots….scores!" Duke wins!  I cry. Age 20 - 30 (in 30ish... Continue Reading →

If I Didn’t Write a Memoir

If I didn't write a memoir piece, I might write an opinion piece and convince my readers that classroom libraries are the heartbeat of a classroom. If I wrote that piece I'd preach to the choir or change some minds; I do not know. If I didn't write a memoir, I might write a fiction... Continue Reading →

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