Let’s Walk

The last month of frigid temperatures gave way this weekend to a balmy 55+ degrees.  It’s time to walk.  It is not spring.  But spring is near.

In this, the longest year, every transition has come like a car wreck.  Hurtling at me in super slow motion while also simultaneously slamming right into the side of my spirit like a 2011 Ford Focus being driven by a gremlin.  The seasons, the transitions in an elementary classroom, the transitions at the doctor’s office, and the transitions at the restaurant and the grocery store…all of the transitions disrupting whatever finally felt normal!  Will this be the case with Spring?  Time will tell.

For now, this weekend was a treasure of warmth.  A two mile walk down the brick sidewalks, hand in hand and being towed along by our dog who relished the smell of all her neighborhood friends.  A mile plus run with a friend past houses, apartments, schools, churches and the grocery.  So.  It is not spring, but there is life.  Things have changed, but there is life.

In a year where we lost so much and felt so much with each herky-jerky transition, spring will come.  I just know it.  Impending doom?  I don’t think so.  It sure seems like the earth and all of us in it are tired.  Like a spent toddler after a sobbing jag, maybe the whole thing, earth and all of us in it, will just take a big deep breath like she’s ready to cry again and then…yawn.  And in this new Spring, what will emerge? What will we dream? What will we build?  Who knows? In the meantime, let’s just take it one step at a time.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Walk

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  1. I can taste and smell the spring weather in your post, with your use of such descriptive imagery. I too want spring to signal new life after last spring’s heaviness. Reading your post helps me see that spring is coming for real this year!


  2. Welcome, Tim! I love the imagery in your post. I could see you walking “hand in hand and being towed” and I could feel the pain that you have managed to push aside so you can move forward. “Impending doom? I don’t think so.” One of my favorite lines because I agree! Spring may not bring everything we want but it will come and it will be a welcome change. Thank you for this level post, I look forward to reading more of what you are pondering!


  3. And take one day at a time in the SOLSC! Welcome Tim! I’m excited to read your stories this month, especially as March marches in and out of 2021. Hoping this March won’t be as memorable as the last one!


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