What Would I Say to My Dad?

Dad died in 2008 after a 3 month battle with lung cancer.  I was 30 years old, Dad was 56.  This is not the story of ups and downs of our relationship nor is it any of the stories around his passing.  

This story: If I was given the opportunity to send a letter to my dad on the other side, but (due to antiquated data limits?) I must limit my communication to 100 words.


Let’s catch up.  We left Syracuse; moved to the farm!  Grandma died at 90, gardened til the end.  Oh! Another baby!  Tucker!  He’s 9 (Riding Bikes!), Linc is 12 (Scholastic bowl!), Cole (National Guard) is 17 and Leo is 20! Leo got the band award at 14, same one you got!  BTW, I teach 3rd grade now.  Long story. Love it! Melissa is great; teaching 4th!  We sold the homestead; moved to town.  

Jennifer and her family are well. Thriving! Jaxon to Arizona.

[In my head: I’m running out of words. Tearing up.  Damn it. 16 left.]

You missed Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell.  Look it up.  The president was…nevermind. Love you and

–This post is part of the Slice of Life Challenge – 31 days of writing. Check it out at twowritingteachers.org

16 thoughts on “What Would I Say to My Dad?

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  1. While this is a letter to your dad on the other side I too learned much about your family. I sense a pride in your family and your job too. Thanks for this peek into your life. And what a wonderful idea to write this assignment / letter.

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  2. Your format is powerful because you have SO much to say and every word matters….yes every word matters. THIS is a format to save as a mentor text. Thanks

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  3. You capture both the sadness of loss with the joy that living brings. I pictured the timelines that overlap for a while, bringing joy, the sadness when a timeline ends, and the joy that does continue, thought that joy be altered. But the timelines continue to overlap, don’t they, because with joy we recall those we have lost. We picture them enjoying life with us, we know what they would think. I loved, “The president was…nevermind.” You said so much there!

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  4. What a beautiful letter…
    I lost my father when I was 26 and he was 51. There are so many times that I wish I could share with my father all that is happening in my life now. You captured yours perfectly!

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  5. Two years and two months ago I lost my dad (he was 80, I was 47), and I don’t think I would be ready to write this letter, but I am so grateful to you for sharing the changes that have taken place since your dad has passed. I am sure he is proud of you and the family you created.

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