Time Well Spent

Every May, time accelerates. My classroom tasks and structures wrap up and I think: Where did the time go? 

At that point in the school year, I look back on lessons we didn’t get to, units we abbreviated for good reason, and other unfinished business.  I wonder what happened. 

And yet. August comes. I find myself looking at the early days of school and sort of wondering how to fill them all up.  

It seems that I have too much to do but also not enough to do.  Figuring it out is hard work.  

When I heard this quote (I’m listening the audio companion of the book), it resonated deep within my soul. I don’t think much more needs said in terms of commentary.

I’m committing this year to keep this perspective front and center. After the last two years, we KNOW how precious each moment with our students is. Time. How will I spend this limited and precious resource this year?

How will you?

As I prepare for a new year in the third grade classroom, I wanted to write a series of posts around the idea of student-centered classrooms and learning. This is post number 1.

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