I’m ready
for summer walks and trips

I’m ready to
put the button-down shirts away

I’m ready to stop
the background daily planning and adjusting

But just for a break


I’m also ready to start
giving away more choices and guiding more to their greatness

I’m also ready to
collaborate and innovate for new systems. Experiment.

I’m also ready
for new seasons of joyful learning

I’m ready.

5 thoughts on “March

Add yours

  1. Great meeting you, Tim, I enjoyed your format for this slice. Good to see that you are ready for seasonal fun and offering choices in your classroom for students to find their voice. I also created a poem at the end of my humorous slice.


  2. Your “Because” was the perfect shift as I was nodding YES to every line. Why does February often seem like it’s 102 days long? Yes to choices, experiments and joyful learning.


  3. This is so clever and I kept reviewing it noticing the unusual punctuation. “Experiment.” The scientist in me wants to join you in this collaboration, and then, here we are! Doing just that.


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