Classroom Experimenting

Changes in schools caused a lot of us to get inventive in the last couple of years.  As we headed back in the fall, I was excited to continue trying new things!  I’ve loved the literacy block in my 3rd grade classroom.  So for a blended, self-paced, classroom experience I decided to start with…math.  

Everything about the old way wasn’t working up to potential.  This year, I’ve been experimenting with self paced structures, teacher created videos, and small group targeted reteaching and mediation which is allowed by the structure.  Coupled with some (potentially too many) digital tools employed by my district, it’s been a worthwhile effort.  I still have a lot to learn.  

I need to grow / fix things in the following areas:

  • Truer self pacing (right now you can’t get more than a week or two ahead; I haven’t made the lessons!)
  • Better summative assessments and “quick checks”

I learned a lot from The Modern Classrooms Project!

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  1. Your students are fortunate that you are experimenting with a new way of doing things.
    I imagine the look on their faces when starting a literacy lesson with math must have been priceless


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