The Practice of Writing

To look at things a certain way
Today has been success
The notebook now has 3 ideas
Another time to press

First, couldn’t find the picture, right
Then could not find my voice
Another piece forgot in sleep
I’ll have to make a choice

I said I’d publish every day
I’m not quite there half-way 
Will I make it? I can’t say
I just won’t quit today

– made me do it! With the 31 day writing challenge! Head on over and check it out, it’s called Slice of Life–

6 thoughts on “The Practice of Writing

Add yours

  1. Love your voice. Of course you’ll make it. And in style! For the record: I hate when I have a wonderful idea just percolating as I fall asleep that’s totally wiped clear of my memory bank by morning’s waking. Always a bummer! ❤

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  2. Great poem! This was me today, as well! I started a couple of pieces, though I didn’t end up with a poem instead. I usually find the middle of the month to be challenging.
    Love especially the piece forgotten in sleep! Totally relate!

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