The Thing About Blue Pants

I bought a pair of blue pants (not navy). They were on sale at the Gap. I’ve had them for a bit.

I think they are stylish (or were) and I do not mind drawing attention to myself. But they are blue (not navy).

So the thing about blue pants (not navy) is that, so I’m told, you can not wear them with most (any?) blue shirts.

The thing about blue pants (not navy) is that even though you only wore them for part of the day and they are not dirty, you can’t wear them the next day because they are blue (not navy) and well, you just can’t (no one even had to tell me this).

The thing about blue pants (not navy) is that I pause and think, even while I am writing this, about how long I’ve owned them. Is this an “old” color of blue that is making me look more outdated and middle aged than I’d prefer. By the way, I’d prefer not to look outdated, though I think I’m (mostly) fine with looking middle aged.

Khaki does not have these problem.

Day 6, Sol21

Thanks to TwoWriting Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge! #SOL21

13 thoughts on “The Thing About Blue Pants

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  1. I can feel the tension in this piece with the repetition of blue (not navy). I could imagine the blue (not navy) pants and even recalled a time when I had similar concerns with red (not maroon) pants.
    Maybe we should all stick to khaki and be done with it.
    Thanks for this post

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  2. Tim, your parenthetical comments add so much to the dialogue here that makes it feel part self-convincing and part reader-clarifying. The funniest part is that it was so timely for me (Twilight Zone music). Why in the world I picked a Saturday morning an hour away to go get my oil changed, but I did – and as we are getting dressed, my husband holds up three shirts and asks me which one I feel like seeing him in all day with his jeans. I picked the red button-down with the blue (actually, sort of navy) stripes. He smiled and said, “Thanks, I’ll wear this one,” holding up the white shirt. Then he strolled through the kitchen wearing red and winked at me. Khaki is safe, but there’s more heart and soul in the blue.

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  3. What a fashioning! Learning so much about you! Yes, khaki, black, or even navy blue are more traditional and perhaps safe, but how did that blue really make you feel? What color will you try next?

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  4. This made me laugh and relate! Any colored pant that is NOT khaki, black… or navy… draws attention. They must be worn across weeks, not days! Great piece… I love the back and forth of your thought process and the repetition.

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  5. What an interesting post! I had no reslization of this male dilemma. My husband only wears jeans everyday, or his sweat pants(grey or blue) here at home. As one becomes older, fashion vs comfort often battles, at least for me!


    1. Ha! It is part fashion dilemma (I’m self aware) but heavily aided by simple things I’ve learned by asking my wife “Can I wear this with that?”

      To be honest, I bought the pants because they were $50 pants that were 8.99 probably because…wait for it….they are blue (not navy).

      The pandemic has me wearing sweats way more, but for in person teaching, I just do better when I’m “dressed” for it.

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  6. I was smiling at the first parentheses and I know the struggle of blue because there are so many variations of blue! Even the so-called “navy” has variations and if the blue is not just right, the other colours struggle to get along. You’re right. Khaki does not have this problem. It’s a much more accepting colour.

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  7. There is so much to these blue pants. No one has these problems with black or navy or khaki. It is a problem reserved for color and not neutral. I love this piece. Funny. I had a Seinfeld reference myself today. It may be dating us more than your blue pants.

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  8. I love the last line. We certainly do NOT have to worry about such things when wearing khaki but I love that your post describes the daring to wear them and the boundaries you put in place to keep daring from becoming dreadful! Well done!

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  9. Hilarious! My vision of the blue pants (not navy) were of a crushed, velvet like material. Maybe even velour. They were cut like jeans with the standard 5 pockets, and stayed far away from the khakis in the closet.

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