The Weekend

Laughter with old friends

Year of restrictions

Glimpses of the other side and glimpses of the past

Reminiscing, pizza, kids that are now taller, finding joy in their childhood games

These tweens go way back and that. is. special.

These adults have been through highs and lows. also. special.

It occurs to me that some of our best times are with old friends
At any given point in time, I can’t go find more “old friends”
Just the ones I have, whether on purpose or by accident
The older I get, the more I appreciate old friends

I wouldn’t mind making a few new friends
Because in another decade
They will be old friends too

Here’s to old friends!

9 thoughts on “The Weekend

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  1. I liked your writing about old friends, and have the same sentiment that a few new friends would be a good idea too. Then they can become old friends. You inspire to try more poetry in my slices, after all I have the rest of March to fill with writings.

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  2. Love, “I can’t go find more ‘old friends.'” This is such a truth, and sometimes a painful one. It makes me think up uprooting for a new location and leaving old friends behind. (I also read the “pants” posts and chuckled. I love clothes that tell a story.)

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  3. Your post is really making me think about all the old friends I can’t wait to be with and hug again. Bearing the cold winter afternoons and sitting six feet apart while having fun is necessary but it’s getting old. I know I will appreciate the times we can hug and sit close so much more. Great slice and yes! Here’s to old friends!

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