My March Madness

Age: 0 – 10 (in 10 words or less)

Mom chose teams and really wants to win! Dad too!

Age 11 – 20 (in 20 words or less)

Sitting on the footstool clenching a pillow.  It’s over. I’m sad….wait. 
“Laettner catches the pass, turns, shoots….scores!” Duke wins!  I cry.

Age 20 – 30 (in 30ish words)

I’m laying on a sofa with a 2 week old baby.  Watching the game.  Napping (eventually, both of us).  Bliss.
Losing the office bracket competition to Doris in HR.
Later, running the office bracket competition, still losing.

Age 30 – 40 (in 40 words or less)

Watching games with the kids. 
Running the family bracket competition.  
Watching on a computer or the phone!? How is this possible?

Age 40 – present day (In…40 words or less)

Games are on in the background, much less invested.  But wait. Overtime?  Upsets? 
Text messages from Mom:  “Did you see that shot?”
Text message from college: “My bracket is busted?!”
March magic!  


5 thoughts on “My March Madness

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  1. Tim, what an amazing structure for a Slice – I LOVE IT! How cool that March madness has been such a thread thru your life. March madness is not my jam, but your post made me appreciate it in new ways.


  2. I am so NOT a basketball person. This was my first year to fill out a bracket. So I did one with ALL teams in my conference and one with my dream. I have not looked at the finals of round one but now I do want an electronic version.

    ( Big 10)

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  3. This is so cool! Thanks, Tim, I am listening to basketball in the background in the kitchen as my son watches. I love that your family and friends connect over this; that’s what makes sports awesome—shared passion, and fun!


  4. The structure of your madness post is interesting with words matching years. It could be replicated in so many ways. I too so not follow March Madness nor any basketball tourneys but I love how you have made it part of your family traditions now too!

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  5. I thought I was gaining a little understanding of March Madness and the “brackets” because I have my class participate in March Book Madness. But now I am sure I haven’t a clue. I guess that is why they call it madness.


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