Nonsense narrative

The year was 1747 and K. Roger Ski had just finished building the world’s first water powered rat.  His other ideas hadn’t taken off, on account of no one taking him seriously.  No one took him seriously because who would think the foremost clogger in the River District could be a serious inventor.

K. Roger would not be dissuaded and he worked with tremendous focus each day, penning letters to the papers and the neighbors and the King of England to announce and describe each new invention.  After toiling over each missive, he’d take a 3 minute 13 second break to clog.  This was part practice, part stress relieving joy, because K. Roger Ski found no greater joy than donning a pair of clogs and clogging away.  

This was his year though and the world didn’t even know it.  It was about to happen.  A water powered rat was a nonsense idea.  No one even knew what it meant.  But that very night, Mr. Ski created something so marvelous that even his nemesis on the dance floor, Virginia Pascal (a beauty not in the classical sense; in the clogging world she did have admirers), would have to admit was, at the very least, useful.  He had invented the modern sneaker.

*disclaimer. This is a nonsense narrative. Just trying my hand at silly fiction in a way I used to and haven’t for some time.

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  1. I have always enjoy reading about the lives of inventors and how they end up with their ideas – usually in the most crazy manners. I am struck by this story and Rogers way to relax. The phrase: out of necessity, invention pops into my head. Maybe we should add clogging into our movement breaks.


  2. Once again, you promote a writing idea that shows interest. I can’t help but believe that some writer out there spends countless hours writing the nonsense that becomes the next great story!

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