My Math Classroom (Flipped, In Person)

I stood up front

Pen in hand, document camera shining bright

Essential question, 3 kids talk

First this way, then that way

Numbers moving, Problems solving

Any questions?

Students trying, one child finished, students waiting

Forty minutes, only half of them done

8 students lost; let’s try that again

I’m tired; their tired; we’re tired

I hit record, I paced myself

I laid things out and shared the plan

The students sat with pen in hand and hit go; they began

20 kids talk

How many ways to solve a problem?  It depends on who you ask today

What questions do you have?

I moved about; I taught on screen and also in person

Two students finish and lend a hand or voice

Less students lost; Still imperfect

But better!

Hat tip to Fran for sharing this format ; this is my first attempt!

This month all my posts are part of the slice of life challenge at

6 thoughts on “My Math Classroom (Flipped, In Person)

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  1. I love the craft here and am totally intrigued by this! I teach third grade and am looking for ways to teach math better all the time. Would love to know more about how you are doing the flipped math!


    1. Thanks! I am using some ideas from the modern classrooms project but it is all a work in progress. Basically I make a 6 to ten minute video and assign practice. Students complete that in class while I circulate, check work, and assist. Students then take a mastery check in schoology, our LMS. That’s the short version. We are currently at version 3.3 or so, lol.

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  2. Of course I love the two perspectives. What a great view of your math class.
    This “Numbers moving, Problems solving” and this “Two students finish and lend a hand or voice” speak to the effort and perseverance and the community you’ve built!


    1. Thanks! I hesitated with publishing because I would have liked to ‘sync up’ the lines from section 1 and 2 a bit more in terms of content. But also sometimes that’s why I don’t write. Better becomes the enemy of good and I just stall out.

      As to the math…🤷 I’m not a great math teacher. But this is better than what I did before!


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