Wednesday in a sentence

I was inspired by another slicer, Kevin, here’s my attempt at summing up a day in a sentence.

The bliss of 20 students reading on the lawn and writing with fervor was only slightly dampened by the 2 hours I spent fixing a 10 minute video; also, there was a small amount of vomit.

–Thanks to for the slice of life writing challenge!

7 thoughts on “Wednesday in a sentence

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  1. Yikes that pretty much sums up a teacher these days. I was going to use this format today myself thinking about writi ng one sentence about the loss of a video during class…sigh…like the happens

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  2. You definitely add interest with the vomit. I was feeling peace and enjoyment until the tech trouble and the barf.

    By the way, I usually limit my response to Kevin’s writing to just one sentence.


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