What to watch when you can’t sleep

Inspired by Betsy‘s TV post yesterday, I made a list.

Sometimes, it’s time and I’m not “sleepy.” Here are my favorite TV shows to watch if I want to fall asleep.  

4.  The West Wing

  •  This would work better without the soundtrack.  But with closed captions on, it’s a great way to read yourself to sleep.  Aaron Sorkin can write!  

3.  Mr. Robot

  • Beautifully filmed and dark, the show doesn’t make sense half the time, or maybe it does but I was asleep.  I love this show.

2.  Rectify

  • Beautifully filmed with gaps in conversations that are perfect to fall asleep to.  I watched all the way through twice so it would make sense because I slept through so much of it.

1.  Steven Universe

  • Hands down, the quickest.  I adore these 12 minute cartoon vignettes.  But also, I’m asleep in 6 minutes.  The longer storylines are actually profound.
Photo by Cliford Mervil on Pexels.com

6 thoughts on “What to watch when you can’t sleep

Add yours

  1. Recognizing only one of these on the list (Mr. Robot), I’m going to have some binge watching for the weekend, though I think, as a Canadian, I’ll avoid the West Wing and head toward “Steven Universe” – 6 minute intervals sound about right for my COVID brain!


  2. I’ve not watched any on your list. I’ve heard of The West Wing but none of the others. My husband and I are on a laugh fest with old Frasier episodes and we are watching Halt and Catch Fire upon the recommendation of our son and daughter in law. Not sure if they would be good for sleep therapy though!


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