Slicing for 30 days: It Made a Difference

Almost there. To the finish. Here are some ways Slicing has made a difference for this middle aged third grade teacher (in no particular order):

In the Classroom:

  • I shared with my students that I was participating. They think of me as a writer.
  • Now, to them, we are all writers. They talk with me as if this is an assumption.
  • I always have ideas to write about. But 30 days…Now I actually empathize with my students who are stuck.
  • So many aspects of writing are more easily taught from recent experience. It’s no small thing that I’ve had to go through the process so many times in the last 30 days. I could go on.


  • Thank you for the free therapy. Needed to get some of these things off my chest.
  • The community of writers here was a welcome break from the current events and social media I usually check out when “scrolling.” The previous sentence was a gross understatement.
  • Reading others posts gave me mentor texts, sure. It also helped me see different ways of seeing/being seen.
  • Seeing this as an artistic outlet is something I will take with me.
  • It’s been wonderful to be challenged. I took risks in writing that I don’t think I would have. I’m a better writer than I was 30 days ago.

Early on, I read posts about the community of writers and did not understand. At the end of 30 days, it feels a bit like the end of summer camp. Is that weird?

Author’s note: First two week’s of slicing me would have worked through this list to put things in some sort of order. I might have looked for an alliterative pattern or at least a common sentence structure. This is me at the end of 30 days and 2 days from Spring break. Although, I still re wrote the title 5 6 six times.

–Obligatory and often forgotten: Thanks to for the Slice of Life challenge.

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  1. Ah, that last day of summer camp feeling. How to pack all the ideas, emotions, and memories into that time that is now flying by? Yes, #SOL is similar in community as you learn more about folks you may have known for a while and folks new to you. But best of all, you know how it feels to be in a community of writers and readers. And also how to replicate that!

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  2. Yes to the last day of summer camp! Love that analogy. One of the things I love about slicing is that I try out things. Weird things and little things and listy things and things I wouldn’t think to try otherwise. The other thing I love is being inspired by other texts. It’s pretty rare that I write from only what is in my head. I love grabbing forms and structures and topics from others–and then seeing my writing used as an inspiration for someone else’s piece. March slicing is just an all-around good thing.

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  3. I enjoyed reading about what you have learned during the writing challenge, and the analogy to it feeling a bit like we’re ending summer camp is apt. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. These last 30 days definitely felt like a great way to get things off the chest. It was also a great break from social media. I loved reading about all the ways this challenge impacted you.

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  5. This is a wonderful summary of what March can be and do for those brave enough to take on the challenge! I found myself nodding my head at each of your points. And there is a sense of pride that returns year after year. The whole experience is one that can’t be described, it must be experienced. You wrote, “Early on, I read posts about the community of writers and did not understand. At the end of 30 days, it feels a bit like the end of summer camp. Is that weird?” It’s not weird, it’s true!

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  6. Your list is so very comprehensive and true for me as well. I’ve been part of this slicing challenge for 6 years now and each year I grow in my writing capabilities and connect to learners in a new way! I am in awe of your writing and so happy that I was your welcome wagon hostess!

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    1. Christine, thanks for welcoming me so kindly to the community. Your feedback has been thoughtful and kind ; helpful too! I’ve enjoyed the glimpses you’ve provided into your life as well in your writing. Thank you!

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  7. It made my heart happy to read your post, Tim. I’m glad the challenge has been impactful for you!

    While the end of March feels a bit like the end of summer camp, please know we reunite every Tuesday, year-round, for SOL Tuesdays. I hope you’ll join us on Tuesdays year-round.

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  8. Your writing has inspired me and uplifted me, so thank you for the therapy, and the lessons in writing, in voice, and in commenting effectively. This is the first time that I’ve see you writing here and it’s been wonderful to connect. Thanks, Tim.

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    1. Thanks Melanie! Your foray into fiction early in the month gave me permission to think about that as well. I had a silly nonsense piece I did publish but also in my writers space I had another idea I tried developing (it was suuuuper boring). It’s given me courage to see how you and others approached the challenge. A gift!

      Thank you for your kind words and feedback. Sol is a place I’m sure to return to!

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