Maybe today, do the thing (a madlib)

–This is my final post for the 31 day writing challenge with

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Maybe today, do the thing (a madlib)

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  1. $20 Order cappuccino for the next three people in line
    $6 Easy to do with Amazon
    Call Gloria
    15 minutes Could get our and walk!


  2. I love the last line because think about the time you are going to get back every single day now that you don’t have to write a slice and read and respond to others. How will you use it? Enjoy!

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  3. I haven’t seen these in a few years and always enjoyed them! I agree that they’d make a great intro activity for kids and adults. Or to guess who said what! Since I decided to write a poem a day I will use my 15+ minutes a day to start a poem!
    Hope to see you slicing on Tuesdays!


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