“Just how far down the rabbit hole are you going, Tim?”

The question rings in my ears. It is my internal monologue.

What rabbit hole is that? The rabbit hole in question is seasonal easter candy. The answer is: All. The. Way. Down.

Jelly Beans. Yes. Starburst Jelly Beans, Nerds Jelly Beans, Trolly speckled Jelly Beans, Sweet Tart Jelly Beans.

Oh. The Sweet Tart Jelly beans. Can we just take a minute to appreciate what they have done there? They taste like a BETTER version of 1989’s soft Sweet Tarts. A better version!

Air heads, sure. Twizzlers, yep. Mini cadbury eggs disguised in jelly bean sizes. OF COURSE.

And hey, those are my favorites, but I will also indulge in your standard Reese’s and Snickers fare.

First, I try some of each of the above while loading the eggs and building the baskets. Then, I try some more since the eggs are all full. The next day, I continue through every stage of egg hunt/ basket ritual. It’s a whole thing.

I don’t feel great about it. My blood sugar shoots sky high and it’s something I’m chasing all day.

On Sunday, I ate the top of cupcake just for the icing. Twice. I threw the rest away.

After all of this, I have an 8 year old sized stomach ache. “This helps me understand my students in 3rd grade,” I tell myself. This may be true, but it is also a lie. I’m rationalizing.

It’s Tuesday. It’s time to right the ship. I may be on Spring break today, but khaki pants are coming next week and they will not lie to me.

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  1. This is charming and funny in all the best ways! I love thinking about all these different types of candies and treats. Truly the “8 year old sized stomach ache” was a laugh-out-loud highlight. I’m glad I could live vicariously through your telling and skip the consequences. (Well, almost, for me it’s the traditional Austrian Easter bread.)

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  2. Aha – a sweet tooth! I am trying at present to not break into my younger son’s Reese’s Easter eggs with the Reese’s pieces inside … he’s 23 and I gave these to him… when will I learn?? It’s probably far too late. Your post reminded me that I was the only child in 1st grade who liked black jelly beans. I love them best to this day. When I was about ten the Easter Bunny brought me a whole bag of them…jelly bean bliss! Oh – and I love the word ‘rumination’.


  3. It’s Tuesday and time to right the ship! Man I can relate. I tried to look a little more presentable for Easter Sunday and wear something other than stretch pants… yep, my Tuesday is coming too! Someday… still enjoying the Cadbury mini eggs and carrot cake cupcakes that were left behind!
    Glad to see you here today too!


  4. I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Inherited from my dad’s side. My grand father and his brother would split a sugar pie in two for dessert. In my family, a meal without dessert was not a full meal… and don’t get me started with candy…


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