A Reflection on Purpose and Habits

Purpose and habits; a ladder to success
With a reason, I’m motivated:
To impress the interviewer or the boss
To get published or noticed 
To avoid embarrassment
To zip the dress or button the pants

Purpose and habits; like a harmonious duet
With habits, I’m present:
On good days and bad
Whether I have something to say or not
Because I know it’s good for me
Now part of my identity

–This post is brought to you by twowritingteachers.org and the 31 day writing challenge (which got me to dust off my writing ideas notebook) —

4 thoughts on “A Reflection on Purpose and Habits

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  1. You certainly packed a lot of thoughts into these 2 stanzas. We certainly are strongest as people and writers when we have both – the harmonious duet as you referred to them. I’m left thinking of out duets in life…..

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  2. I just finished reading The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevdeo with my students, so I have been hyperfoucsed on the physical structure of poetry. I love the structure of your poem. For me, it seems to reflect the tone of the poem: clean, concise, purposeful. Thank you for sharing your art.

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