Headful of Ideas

Do you ever have that Saturday morning moment of clarity?  The one where ideas start flooding into your head?  Today was that day for me.  It started about 5 minutes into my morning workout and continued while I did all the things in the workout.  So, afterward, I jotted and prioritized and listed and discussed. 

I’ll spare you the immediate list of taxes, bills, and home chores. 

Here are a few of my [more unrealistic longer range] ideas:

  1.  Make a series of short educational videos on TikTok. Which means : Sign up for TikTok, learn how to use it, and create a series of very short educational videos
  2. Partner with my friend Steve to create a legitimate looking website to promote satirical (and unsolicited) videos we make for local politicians. Which means, among other things, starting the process of making actual unsolicited videos for minor local politicians nationwide.  There are probably other steps we need to take.
  3. Create 365 very short video clips where I, dressed as a character or via puppet, sing lyrics that basically tell kids to “read the directions,” typically as parodies of popular music or musical theater melodies. Which means…ok you get the idea.

Anyone care to share their long range unrealistic creative idea endeavors?

6 thoughts on “Headful of Ideas

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  1. The vision is there, that’s the first step right?? Kudos for dreaming big. I’m too anxious to get on the tiktoks, best of luck!!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love this post — when you get the body moving, the mind often gets moving too, right? One long term goal for me is to do more with my hands: to learn to cook something new, to fix something etc. Happy saturday, and happy workout!


  3. As a school librarian, I am supposed to be a tech leader. And I have always been pretty tech savvy, helping all my colleagues (including bosses and above) work their digital tech. Now I am seriously behind. Librarians use digital media and social media to connect to their patrons. I made a conscious decision at the SnapChat era to let go. I am not yet committed to TikTok. I spent a few hours this week working with a younger colleague, a tech savvy library technician, to learn how to do Stories and Highlights on Instagram. I was particularly bad at it, I will say. And we would like to set up a space for green screen videos and podcasting. Help!


  4. I love these ideas! As for me, I can do a storytelling festival at my school. Start a baking club for essential workers. Put up “need a haiku?” flyers at the grocery store…


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