List Day: Five Favorite Podcasts

Today I thought I’d share a list of favorite podcasts.  This prompted me to think; what are the most common characteristics of podcasts I enjoy? 

Multiple hosts: Podcasts with a conversational flow and banter.

Humor: They aren’t all “comedy” podcasts, but funny moments are appreciated.

Timely: I have always enjoyed keeping up on current events.

Stories: I do enjoy good story telling.

And now, the list:

  1.  Heavyweight (only on Spotify now, :/ )
  2.  No Stupid Questions 
  3.  Dear Hank and John
  4.  Planet Money
  5.  FiveThirtyEight Politics

I listen to a LOT of podcasts.  Sometimes I think about creating a podcast about education that includes the above features; limitations of time/audience are probably the biggest barrier.  What podcasts do you listen to?  Why do you love them?

–Thanks to and the slice of life challenge for prompting me to hone my writing skills, dust off this blog, and share my writing. Day 22! It’s been a pleasure to read what others are writing as well. —

6 thoughts on “List Day: Five Favorite Podcasts

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  1. I love podcasts! I do not like audio books however and this always puzzles me! The ones you are shared are all new to me. I listen to a lot of writing podcasts. I love Cult of Pedagogy for teaching. The Next Right Thing and the New Yorker : The Writer’s Voice.

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    1. I’ve enjoyed Cult of Pedagogy as well! My favorite teaching podcast is Teaching ML’s ; It has a focus on multilinguals (I have none currently in my classroom), but there are lots of interviews with great people! And the host is super humble and I love his approach to the interview.

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  2. Thanks for these podcast tips. I must second margaret’s suggestion to listen to that On Being interview. It amazing.


  3. I’m with you. I like podcasts with two hosts. I can’t stick with them if they’re longer than an hour, though. I really like The Beerists, but it might be an acquired taste.


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