Day 22, reflection

Sometimes I’m excited but I wonder

When it’s day twenty-two of this

That feeling of “oh, I can’t”

Is this what my students feel

the day they drag their feet?

I understand, I understand. I understand.

–thanks to and the slice of life challenge–

6 thoughts on “Day 22, reflection

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  1. Yes to this post! This is what I gain each year (this is my tenth)–that feeling of empathy for my students, that shared struggle to communicate on paper with an audience in mind, the risk-taking in doing so.


  2. Tim – I share the feeling. I number of years ago, I took a sketching class at Parson’s. I had to sit and sketch for 3 hours straight. I became the fidgety kid who kept finding excuses to leave the room. I realized then how my students with ADHD must feel. I thinks it’s so important for teachers to try something new and step out of their comfort zone. This Slice Challenge has helped me realize that I can indeed be consistent. I just have to clear my mind, make the time to sit and write, and practice, practice, practice.


  3. You captured this so well. Have you shared it with your students? Some days it seems “easier” or should I say do-able than others. Starting is the hardest part.


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