3 Word Stories: Where do you find joy?

In her arms.

On a hike.

Versatile musical tastes:

Brubeck, DeLong, Assad

Learning new things

Laughing with friends

Brainstorming with colleagues

Walking the dog

Playing a game

–Thanks to twowritingteachers.org for the 31 day Slice of Life writing challenge!–

Thanks to my writers notebook and previous entries in it for today’s inspiration. All my writing ideas felt very vulnerable and not ready for an audience; then I felt stuck. Writer’s notebook to the rescue!

9 thoughts on “3 Word Stories: Where do you find joy?

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  1. This is a great format and proves the value of that old writer’s notebook. I think each of these 3 word sentences could be a post…and so you are all set for the rest of the month!

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  2. Writing felt vulnerable
    No audience, yet
    Where’s the joy?
    Pages penned previously
    Inspiration equals relief
    Vulnerability avoided; phew!

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  3. What an inspirational format. I love how each line of just 3 words does indeed tell a story, and they all work together to form a picture of the writer. I will have to try this out myself soon!

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