That time someone stole our flag

We moved in the middle of the pandemic.  We started renovating the house.  My wife’s mother moved in with us.  Remote learning was an off/on again unknown in our two-teacher household.  It was strange.  It was stressful.  

The day my wife hung a Black Lives Matter flag, our neighbors across the street looked on.  I wondered if they’d see it as an affront to their less generous public signs. *shrug*

One of the neighbors came over and complimented me on the new flag.  It felt a lot like when someone from a different group comes to your lunch table sophomore year.  Confusing. Inauthentic.  

I awoke at midnight to the sound of engines revving.  The party was over. I took a peak out my bedroom window.  Flag still there.  

One O’Clock rolled around and I awoke again.  I peaked. Flag gone.

I stewed.  I simmered.  I boiled.  

Unwilling to wake my better half to reason with me, I opened the front door and walked across the street.  I stood on the stoop of the triplex.  I knocked.  Looking down, I thought: I don’t even have shoes on.  It’s fine.  I’ll just casually ask “Did you see anything?”  I could feel my heart rate rising.  I knock a second time. What am I doing? I don’t even have a shirt on?!  

So I’m standing there.  Shirtless.  No shoes.  Ready to confront our flag thief.  How exactly is this going to go?  Is it going to get heated?  Am I planning to fight?  

No one answered the door.  I went home. Four days later, I took our 15 foot ladder and hung a new flag.  Higher than the last.

It’s still there.

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  1. What a dramatic slice! I was so nervous for you, standing on your neighbor’s front porch in the middle of the night. I have to admit, I’m glad no one answered the door (if only for your own safety). The way you crafted this story clearly set up the tension in the beginning and then let that emotion ignite, showing what a violation it was to experience this kind of vandalism in your own home and neighborhood.

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  2. Good job. This world is so frustrating sometimes. You handled this well. Good luck – I hope there are no ladder wielding racist flag burglars in your new neighborhood. Keep fighting the good fight!

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  3. Ha! Good solution! Maybe someone stole it so they could put it in THEIR house. No? Well, I’m glad they didn’t open the door at 1:00 am. Things could have gotten heated quickly!

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  4. Wow! You are a brave man, willing to fight for what you believe in. I so admire that! I had to laugh when you wrote “unwilling to wake my better half to reason with me…” I’m that wife. The one who talks her husband down when his emotions get the best of him. In this case, though, I love your actions and sense of purpose and I love your new flag.

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  5. My colleague came over so her dog could sniff my home as I will be dog sitting over the break in a few days. I realized after she left that I had a Black Lives Matter yard sign. I am not super public with my political views at school, but I am encouraged by this story. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Oh my gosh, I could feel the tension in this post. The repeated use of sentence fragments had me on the edge of my seat and that image at the end….priceless, but remove the ladder for safety’s sake 🙂
    And, now I’m looking for a good place to buy my own flag. I let you know if I have any Canadian flag thiefs in my neighbourhood.


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