A Year Ago on Friday the 13th

A Year ago, a ship came down
It pulled me up and up and up and up
Like the movies.  There were nightmares and fever dreams
Sometimes it was trippy

I had visions and euphoria
And depression and loneliness
I was at my fittest and my not fittest, all in the same year, on a spaceship high in the sky

It dropped me off a few weeks ago, though I’m not sure of the date
And everything is different but also the same

Am I still me?  

What. Happened.

And then, my wife laughs, my kids hug, a friend texts, the drain clogs.
And then, the students work and share and the room sparks to life
And I know that this is real and I wonder if maybe the past was the dream?

I wish there never was a spaceship and yet
I’m thankful still for what I know was, is, and will be…real

Thanks to www.twowritingteachers.org for the opportunity/challenge to write daily for 30 days!

5 thoughts on “A Year Ago on Friday the 13th

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  1. It’s been quite a ride. I think your question about still being you is so interesting. Have we changed? Are the changes going to bring us forward?


  2. This past year has been straight out of a sci fi book so yes, alien abduction fits. I am embracing all the good that came out of it so I don’t look at it as a lost year. That would be unbearable!

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