Stating a Mission

I sometimes think mission statements are just an excuse to mash all the nice words together. Bromides. Platitudes.

Other times I think they are so general as to be meaningless.

When I was asked again to consider mission statements and drafted this, it did seem to fit my life. I’m trying it on. What do you think of mission statements? Do you have one?

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13 thoughts on “Stating a Mission

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  1. “Make sure everyone knows …. there is room for you here.”
    This seems to be a mantra of mine, when it comes not just to my classroom, but also to the many collaborative projects and networks I engage in. If the vibe isn’t a version of what you wrote, I’m gone.

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  2. I don’t know that you need the big verbs on top. Just the “Make sure everyone knows …. there is room for you here.” Wow– that’s a powerful statement, and it encompasses all the components of life. Tim, I love that.

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  3. Everyone’s mission statement needs to include “make sure everyone knows: there is room for you here.” I can only imagine that world – and I hope and dream one day we can be there!
    Thanks for these peaceful thoughts Tim.

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      1. Yup here too, share your take on mission statements. Sometimes I have tried for a bumper sticker version, other tempted to parody. Yours is just right. Mission statements memes could (should) be a thing


  4. Tim, I have never seen “ponder” or “laugh” as a part of any mission statement and they are fitting! You will add thoughtfulness, joy and wonder to the world through this mission statement!

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  5. As said, love the last line! If we could all watch out for each other this way, what a different world it could be! Love the idea of writing my own mission statement…

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  6. I like the idea of formulating a personal mission statement, there’s a lot of power in the process. I did one a few years ago: If I do nothing else, let me curate and share to positive effect. I really appreciate your emphasis on making space for others.


  7. I’ve been helping a friend rebrand her business lately and we’ve been having lots of conversations about the things you mention here. Thank you for this post. I just love the words ponder and laugh. Pondering certainly leads to laughter for me.


  8. I haven’t thought about Mission Statements in a while. They seemed to be very important about 10 years ago. Maybe my school developed them and doesn’t worry about it anymore. Which leads to the problem, no one really thinks about them once they are completed. It’s more of a process thing I guess!

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