Success Stories

You know that scene in a movie where the character is looking out over the ocean and a friend comes and stands next to them and they both look forward? That’s what happens with this amazing young man in my third grade classroom. He saddles up beside me.

He puts a hand on my shoulder and I look to my left and down. He opens his mouth but the words catch.

I turn and ask “What is it?”

Still looking forward, he takes a deep breath and starts slowly, “Well. Mrs. Wamsley is going to have ME read to her 2nd…no 1st graders.” He’s turning his body towards me now and continues, “To show them how to read….smoooooth.”

His left hand is still on my shoulder, his right hand goes to his hip, and as the word smooth comes out his chest puffs up with pride.

“Well, I think you will do very good job of that.”

“Yes, I will. Yes, I will.”

We fist bump and he smiles so big he bends over a little with a laugh as he walks away.

This other teacher and I have worked so hard to help this student grow. This. This is a moment. What success stories should you be writing down?

—This post is a Slice of Life post. Thanks to for the opportunity and challenge! —

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  1. This is a wonderful slice of success for this morning. I love the image of a hand on your should and the other on his hip.


  2. The way you describe his body language! And the dialogue! Perfection! I felt like I was right next to you. Also giggled at your opening — this is absolutely this scene. An Affleck/Damon moment.

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