Slice of Writing [Process]

I think I can now say that writing is a hobby of mine.  It feels strange to say it, because my other hobbies, fitness & music, seem much more hobbyish.  Writing is everywhere – in the well constructed missive posted to social media, in the communication to a colleague, in the choice of which emoji to send to say just what you mean, and even in the way you construct a video.  

Still, tThere’s something about words put together, just so, don’t you think? A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a well constructed paragraph can also outkick its coverage.  [I’m not sure I’m using this metaphor correctly.]  

[Let’s try again.]

There’s something about words, put together, in just the right way, right don’t you think? A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a well constructed paragraph essay can move you to tears. [This is maybe true, but this is not at all what I am trying to say.]

[Let’s try again.]

Words on a page.  Words on a page can make a difference.  For instance, I have a Dream, Gettysburg address… [shoot, I don’t have time to do research on the most impactful and inspirational “words on a page”, maybe don’t go the historical route this morning.]

[Let’s try again.]

There’s something about words strung together, like a melody, simple or complex.  Sometimes for social change Words on a page have inspired and conspired to bring great social change.  Words on a page have brought comfort and peace in places of great pain.  Words on a page bring have brought knowledge and growth.  Words on a page.  There’s something about words, put together, just the right way.  A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a well constructed paragraph can change the atmosphere, the heart, even the world.

[It’s not perfect, but yes, that’s it.]

–I’m participating in the Annual 31 day Slice of Life Challenge. Thanks to —

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  1. Perfect illustration of the writing process…it’s all about the thinking…revision is hardly a stage, it’s the heart of the constant state of composition. This is a delight – thank you!

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  2. This was fun to read! It’s easier to just backspace changes and mistakes than to line-through and show the thinking process behind writing. I guess writing is thought made visible and every writer dreams of finding someone who steps into your thoughts for a minute and really gets you.

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  3. Perfect view of revision that meets my love of writing process. We don’t wait until we are done drafting to revise. We often revise as we go so our first draft is a multitude of best fourth and tenth thinking!
    Go, writing hobbyist!

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  4. Love this post. It reminds me of revision history Google docs, but clever. This is the perfect post to begin my reading and commenting day. Writing is stressful , but it’s an act of attention, so there’s both agony and love there.

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  5. Interesting process! The back and forth highlight the actions our brains take. Thanks for writing.

    Ps. No time for research for this girl ether. Whatever lands in the page is it. Minimal revisions. I have to be satisfied that it is done!

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